A Post-Abortive Mom Finds Healing 29 Years Later

Mary saw the bus as she was driving home and decided to turn around and check it out. Without hesitation, she walked up and told us what a blessing we were to the women who might be pregnant in Huntington Beach. She wasn’t pregnant she assured the staff. She just wanted to talk.

Horizon Pregnancy Clinic regularly parks their Stork Bus in different areas across the city. Today they were in the right place to listen to a woman who needed comfort and hope.  Each staff member has a heart to serve any woman in need whether or not she is pregnant. Mary approached the nurse seeking healing she didn’t know she needed.

Mary took a seat on the L-shaped leather couch inside the Stork Bus and took a deep breath.

When I was 16 I decided to abort.
Words and tears mixed as the pain resurfaced.
My mother and father always told me not to get pregnant.” So she decided to hide her mistake and pretend it hadn’t happened. Her parents took her to get the abortion 29 years ago.

“Even with a 27 year-old daughter, I often think of my other child who would be 29.” 

Can I see an eight-week baby model?” Mary requested. The nurse took her to the table under the canopy outside the bus where the staff displays pregnancy information, resources and models of the first trimester babies. Tears flowed from her eyes as she held the little baby model.

The nurse comforted her and again invited her to sit down and talk. Mary accepted prayers from the loving staff.

Mary learned about the abortion recovery program offered by Horizon Pregnancy Clinic. Choking back tears she said, “I’m 45 and still crying over my abortion from so long ago.

Her healing started right there. “Courage” is the name of this Stork Bus and Mary exemplified this courage. It takes courage to seek help. It is courageous to share your story and face the pain. Mary told the staff that she wants to volunteer with Horizon Pregnancy Clinic after she heals from her abortion.

Save the Storks exists to support Pregnancy Resource Centers like Horizon Pregnancy Clinic as they reach into their communities and provide the resources needed by women. Yes, free testing and ultrasounds are extremely powerful, but so is abortion recovery. We are amazed by God’s work as He uses our Stork Buses to heal, restore and love those who are hurting.