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Save the Storks Stork Bus Interior

The Compassion Care Center Mobile crew parks in front of the abortion clinic. Their blessing bags with information and goodies are ready to be given to any woman who wants one. It’s a very busy morning for the abortion clinic, women kept the door rotating throughout the morning. No one responds to the invitations for a free ultrasound and pregnancy test. No eye-contact and no smiles.

It’s hard to stay hopeful and happy when you know exactly what’s happening on the other side of those doors. Still, the staff extends a greeting to every woman walking by hoping to have a conversation about life. Sidewalk ministry is not for the weak. This is hard, emotionally taxing and spiritually draining work.

A car slowly pulls past the Stork Bus. The staff quickly extend a blessing bag toward the couple and ask them to roll down their window. Mark* slows the car to a stop, allowing the staff to speak through his open window. As they explain their purpose and mission to share help and hope, he promptly puts the car in park and kills the engine.

The nurse smiled, “We are here for the both of you. We’re not here to judge you, we want you to be fully informed about your baby. We can give you a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. You’ll get to see the what he or she looks like and you’ll understand your options. We want you to know what the procedure will be like if you do choose abortion.”

At the sounds of support, Mark relaxes and looks at her, “Do you want to check it out?”

Sunshine* agrees to it. After parking their vehicle, they board the bus together. After filling out the required paperwork, Sunshine shared a little about herself. This wasn’t her first time to this clinic. She had an abortion around the first of the year, but now she felt confused. Mark wanted the baby. He wanted her to choose life but she wasn’t sure she could do it. She just graduated from college and did not feel ready to navigate a career with a baby in her care.

Inside the Stork Bus

Sunshine lays on the leather table and wondering what the screen will show. Mark sits on the nearby bench near the nurse who navigates the ultrasound.

In sudden surprise, Mark’s jaw about hits the floor as he sees his 12 week old baby. Sunshine can’t really believe what she’s seeing. There is a beautiful little baby with very distinct characteristics. The baby looks like Mark! They recognize the features of each of them that they see in their child – a perfect little mix of them both.

As Mark’s excitement rises, Sunshine’s uncertainty is still visible. Mark goes outside to talk with one of the advocates while the nurse finishes up the appointment with Sunshine.

The nurse’s memory sparked.

“You know, you remind me of a story from just a few weeks ago…

An older gentleman came by the bus to tell us how much he appreciated us being at this clinic. He was a mechanic who worked not too far from our location. With sad eyes he told us that his girlfriend chose to abort their baby in 1974. He couldn’t stop her. He wanted his child but she made the decision to abort against his wishes. Culture told him he didn’t have a voice – this was a woman’s right. 44 years later he still regrets it. He wishes he could have done more to ensure that his baby lived. He constantly wonders what that child would have grown to become.”

The nurse smiled a loving smile and said, ‘Sunshine, your choices don’t just affect you. There’s a little life within you and there’s the father of this unborn little one too. Each one of you matters.”

Sunshine and Mark left the Stork Bus with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces as they both agreed to protect the life of their child.

Learn more about the amazing work that Compassion Care Center is doing daily in North Carolina. We are extremely thankful for their example of love, compassion, and action. It is an honor to stand together, support one another and encourage those who are on the doorsteps of death and offering the hope of life. Please pray for our friends in Yadkinville as they engage in conversations like these on a regular basis. It’s not an easy job, but witnessing a mom say “yes” to life is worth it.