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When the March for Life gets closer each year we “go deep” within ourselves to answer a very personal question. WHY WE MARCH?

After 46 years of “Marching for Life” we know we have definitely “build a pro-life movement”. Thanks to Organizations like Save the Storks, we can tangibly see how their marketing and graphic design have impacted the “prolife generation” with beautiful blue posters and truthful slogans.

Each year, in January hundreds of thousands gather to March in DC. A peaceful, joyful and hopeful March in the dead of winter.

But here is a thought. Pro-life Women Centers and Life affirming Organizations like Save the Storks not only March every anniversary of Roe v Wade. There is “more” they offer between marches.

Pregnancy Care Centers March for life every day they open the doors of their Clinics to bring hope and healing in a broken community.

Life Affirming Women Centers march for life every time they answer their phones and have an abortion minded woman on the line and offer her free alternatives.

Pregnancy Centers march for life every time they drive their Save the Storks buses and serve in different locations with the face of Love and Compassion. 

Pro -life Clinics march for life every time one of their counselors reminds a patient that she has value and worth, and that her child in the womb also has value and worth.

 Life affirming Centers march for life every time a teen is empowered with the decision of abstinence because her counselor has introduced her with the option of a life of Sexual Integrity.

Pro-life Clinics march for life when a woman makes the decision to carry her baby in the womb after she sees her baby on the sonogram in one of our Save the Storks Mobile Clinics.

Pregnancy Centers and pro- life Organizations like Save the Storks march for life every morning when – Staff and volunteers join hands and Praise God for another day of service, doing His Life saving Mission.

Life Affirming Clinics march for life when truth is shared and kindness is shown when a woman receives a poor prenatal diagnosis and a counselor ‘Journeys” with her in finding healing for her and her baby.

Pro- life Counselors march for life when science tells women there in no hope for their ‘Not Perfect” baby and support and love the mother of those babies to carry to term.

Pregnancy Care Centers march for life every day a pregnancy test is done and prenatal care is offered and received by women who were “undecided” to carry.

My friends, I could go on and on, on how every day WE MARCH for life at Life Affirming Centers and Organizations. It’s imperative to share with friends, supporters and donors the actions they make to make sure innocent life is protected.

 With all this said, the main reason why Pro-life clinics and Organizations march is because God has put in their hands the biggest mission there is: They are called to be the loving face of Jesus for our sisters and brothers who are suffering and in pain while facing an unplanned pregnancy.

God has commanded them to make abortion UNTHINKABLE at this crucial time in human history.

Hold on, my last statement is not quite accurate.

Let me add something else. 

The main reason why Pro-life Organizations, like Save the Storks and hundreds of Pregnancy Care Clinics march is, because they don’t want to miss Jesus “knocking” at their Organization’s door. 

I’m an Affiliate of Save the Storks and I can say I March because I find Jesus in all the broken, suffering women we serve every day. It’s a GIFT and honor to serve Jesus day to day.

God Bless you and God Bless all Pregnancy Care Clinics across America. 

God Bless Save the Storks. 

Mariana Vera

Save the Storks Affiliate.