Congratulations Mom!

Meet Rosliani and Emmanuel.

Mom & Emmanuel

Emmanuel turned one year old on March 27! Some members of the Storks team met Emmanuel and his mother who made a decision for life. Facing deportation, homelessness, and poverty contributed to the seemingly logical thought that abortion was the only option for her. With the help of amazing staff onboard the Stork Bus in Silver Spring, MD, Rosliani was empowered to choose life. Her story will blow your mind and bring tears to your eyes. We cannot wait to tell you more about this amazing woman and her sweet little boy. We will be doing a video about her story this summer, so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday!

Remember Hannah’s Story we shared a few months ago?

If you haven’t seen it, watch her video HERE.

Congratulations Hannah!

On March 29th she got to hold her beautiful little daughter McKinley for the first time! McKinley is named after the mountain in Alaska where Hannah grew up. It’s a strong and beautiful mountain and she desires her daughter to reflect the same strength and beauty. Hannah has the support of her family, friends, and The Pregnancy Center of Maryville, as she begins the new journey of parenting. Please keep Hannah and McKinley in your prayers. Life is not easy and Hannah has been out of work due to her pregnancy, so please keep her in mind. We are so thankful for these precious lives and for the joy of hearing the beautiful story God is writing through them. We will be staying in touch with Hannah and sharing more as her story continues.