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 By Glamsham Editorial | 07 May 2019 11:20:57 IST

American singer and songwriter Joy Villa was recently spotted on the Red Carpet of Daytime Emmys awards. Joy Villa was seen wearing a full-sleeved round-necked top, which was accompanied by a green colored skirt designed by Desi Couture. Like last year, Villa made a point to raise her voice for anti-abortion on Grammy 2018 red carpet where she was seen wearing white frock which supported Pro-Life and anti-abortion as the idea to spread awareness. She even carried a purse along with her, which said “Choose Life”.
This year, her dress had a slogan which says ‘Pro-Life is Pro-Woman’. It also had storks carrying babies. This way wanted to spread the word regarding how unborns are killed inside the womb.

Her Instagram post reads, “The dress is in honor of the anti-abortion organization Save the Storks, “a charity my husband and I financially support … for only $35/month you can save the unborn and their mothers. Abortion is so often only spoken about as a ‘women’s right’ but I stand here to stand up for EVERY WOMAN and her right to life!” 

Also, she tweeted, “I love to carry the message of life and empower women! I believe all women deserve life, even the unborn. Thank you so much @itsingridschmidt @hollywoodreporter!”

Kudos to you, Joy!!! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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