New pro-life documentary features Brazilian man who adopted 42 children, many of whom are abortion survivors

Join pro-life groups at the 2020 March for Life for the premiere of Human Life

By Anna Reynolds 

The pro-life documentary, Human Life, will premiere at the 2020 March for Life in Washington, D.C. The film features Tonio Tavares De Mello, the founder of the Jesus Menino Community of Brazil, a ministry that works with disabled children.

In De Mello’s native Brazil, as in many other parts of the world, babies with disabilities are targeted for abortion or abandoned at birth.

As a response, De Mello founded Jesus Menino. Over the next 10 years, the ministry expanded to three communities in Brazil and Portugal where more than 100 adults with disabilities live. He has also adopted 42 children, many with severe disabilities.

The organization was recognized this year with a reception at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

In a video commemorating the visit, De Mello said, “I do this work because it is a special calling from God. He has a natural gift for life, and He counts on my ‘yes’ each day to make life happen. I’m giving my life for many lives.”

U.S. Ambassador-elect of Brazil Nestor Forster, Jr. said of De Mello, “Most of the kids he has adopted have been victims of abortion that went wrong. He [De Mello] says they form the embassy of heaven on earth.”

Defending pro-life laws

Currently, countries like Brazil face mounting international pressure to legalize elective abortion. While visiting the United States, De Mello spoke in defense of pro-life laws.

“To the nations that are trying to implement this kind of procedure [abortion], just don’t do it,” he said. “Your nations are going to become broken nations. Whoever promotes the death of innocent people, or disabled people, is not a developing nation, it is a dead nation.”

You can learn more about the documentary at Human Life Movie. The film is currently in final production as the creators work to bring it the March for Life 2020 and release worldwide.

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