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Pro-Life Innovators Summit            

April 16-18, 2021 

Do you have a pro-life ministry or non-profit you’ve been dreaming about starting? Save the Storks’ Pro-Life Innovators Summit can help you turn your non-profit idea into a reality. During our 3-day conference, you’ll learn business development planning, get hands on training and inspiration, and ultimately how to leverage your plan to investors. With direct support from Save the Storks staff every step of the way. 

What is the Pro-Life Innovators Summit? 

A 3-day interactive conference led by Save the Storks.  

The first two days of the conference will feature business development fundamentals, crafting a pitch deck and training on how to present your idea to investors. 

The third day of the conference you will present your ministry idea and plan to a panel of experts for feedback. The panel will give valuable insight into your plan’s execution, improvements that can be made, and a path forward for you to take when you return home.  


April 16-18, 2021 


The Antler’s Hotel 

4 S Cascade Ave. 

Colorado Springs, CO 80903 

Although the event is free, hotel costs will not be covered by Save the Storks. 

We do have a group rate at The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel. 

You can make a reservation by clicking here. 

pro life summit

What Will the Summit Help Me Do?  

Make a Plan For Your Non-Profit: Take your non-profit or ministry idea and turn it into a tangible plan. Gain insight into industry best practices, develop a strategy and business plan, and set fundraising goals.   

Build Pro-Life Programming: Create a plan for your ministry or non-profit programming and how it will be implemented in your community. 

Learn Pro-Life Apologetics: Defend your stance on life unapologetically, with love, compassion, and new talking points. 

Network with Pro-Life Leaders: Bounce ideas off others in the pro-life world and create connections to grow your network.  

How Do I Sign Up For The Summit? 

There are 15 openings available. Sign up today to reserve your spot!* 

[Sign-Up Here] 

*There will be pre-requisites required before attending the summit. More information on this will be sent upon acceptance into the program.  


Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith
Brittany is the Staff Writer on the Awareness Team. She originally hails from Charlotte, N.C. But since moving west to Colorado she tries to get out and enjoy the mountains as much as possible. She loves books, French fries and not using the Oxford Comma-- although not necessarily in that order.