Brienda’s Story: How Choosing Life Changed Hers

In the midst of uncertainty, one pregnancy center steps in 

By Natasha Smith
Trapped in an abusive relationship, isolated from family and friends, and embarrassed about her situation, Brienda stared at the two lines on her home pregnancy test. Overwhelming feelings of sadness and confusion boiled over in her heart. She knew she couldn’t bring a baby into her current life — especially since she already had a little girl and needed to focus on school.
On her way to sign up for college classes, Brienda saw the Woman’s Choice Center Stork Bus parked near her school and decided to talk to them. 
stork bus brienda
Photo by Save the Storks
“They didn’t pressure me at all,” Brienda said. “The women at the center just recommended some things. They set up an appointment for me to come to the pregnancy center before I made any life-altering decisions.”
At the pregnancy center, Brienda met a team of women who helped educate her on her pregnancy options. She also received a free ultrasound.

A Built-In Support System

“The women at the center gave me all the information I needed. Then they gave me a support system. They’d check on me and make sure everything was ok,” she said. “They threw a baby shower for me. They gave me diapers, wipes, and other necessary supplies. I felt like abortion was my only option… until I went to the pregnancy center. I felt alone and defeated at the time but [the pregnancy center] gave me hope, encouragement and support.”
Sarah, a nurse on the Stork Bus that helped Brienda, said,  “Many women come to the bus wanting an abortion based on fear. They feel very alone. When you help them realize they are not alone and show them that the community has resources to help them, suddenly the reasons for an abortion don’t seem as big of a hurdle.”
Because of the pregnancy center’s support, Brienda not only made the decision for life, but also began working on changing her own circumstances. She set goals and fiercely pursued them.  Not only did she remove herself from her abusive situation, but she also established safe housing for her and her daughter before the birth of her son. She got a job, paid off old student loans and continues her education with a graduation date set in 2020. 
“My son gave me the kick I needed. Having my son changed my life completely. He gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to grow up. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and got up and started doing what I needed to as a mother,” Brienda said. “By choosing his life, I chose mine too. I chose a better life.”
briendas story
Photo by Save the Storks

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