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Pro-Life businesswoman partnering with Save the Storks during the COVID-19 outbreak

Pro-life businesswoman Helena Cho and her husband have gone from making jewelry beloved by celebrities to making face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak.
They are also providing a special wholesale discount on masks to those in the pro-life community and for staff at pregnancy resource centers (PRC).

“When you’re pregnant at this time it’s a scary time. Mothers have to protect themselves and their babies. Face masks are selling out. We can help each other out and get a mask delivered to their house so they have something to cover them,” Cho said.

Both Cho and her husband, David Chang, run successful international fashion and jewelry businesses based in the Los Angeles area. They have been outspoken supporters of Save the Storks and pregnancy resource centers.
Cho is the CEO and founder of the jewelry company, Good Work(s) Makes a Difference and Chang runs a garment manufacturing business called Federal Merchandising. Together they have teamed up to make masks at Chang’s factory and sell them through Cho’s Good Work(s) company. 

The Making of a Face Mask

face mask

Cho says she first had the idea for the masks when her mom showed her one she bought online and it was falling apart after a week of use. 
“I thought to myself, everyone is going to have to wear a mask. They should be the best quality, cleanest cotton possible. And not one that falls apart so easily,” she said.  
Good Work(s) staff are now making 15-20,000 masks per week to be sold to the community – at places like fast-food chains, grocery stores and more. Cho says 100 percent of her staff are now making face masks.
“We just want to do what we can during this time and provide high-quality masks to people, as well as keep our employees working. My employees have been with me for a long time and I have a responsibility to protect them,” Cho said.
Pregnancy resource centers can purchase their wholesale face masks here. 
Use the promo code: Save the Storks

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Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith
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