What a Young Mother Chose When Abortion Seemed to Be Her Only Option

How God was with this homeless, unemployed, and lonely immigrant through the work of pro-life individuals in her community. 

Homelessness, unemployment  and lack of support from family cause considerable stress for anyone who experiences any of those factors. Now imagine combining all of that and adding the potential of deportation to Venezuela during the peak of its collapse. Abortion can seem to be the only option. 

Imagine the stress, the fear, the hopelessness. 

This is how Rosliany found herself: homeless, not employed, alone in a foreign country unable to change her circumstances. She was facing court hearings and potential deportation for overstaying her visa. 

On top of it all, Rosliany was pregnant. 

“When I found out that I was expecting a child, [I was in] a moment of complete desperation.” She remembers, “I was without a job and I couldn’t think of a way to sustain my son. I wouldn’t wish [that moment] on any woman in the world. Having an anklet on your foot and not knowing what’s going to happen with your future; I was in anguish.”

“I found myself not knowing what to do with the life of my baby.” Rosliany continues, “I searched through Google for pregnancy centers, support centers for pregnant women and… and abortion clinics.”

Rosliany contacted Centro Tepeyac Pregnancy Center in Silver Spring, MD. There, she received a free pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound onboard their Stork Bus. The team at Tepeyac surrounded Rosliany and met every need they could. 

But abortion was the most compelling option to Rosliany. She couldn’t bear the thought of being deported with a young baby only to face starvation in Venezuela. In her mind, abortion felt more humane than starvation. She found a place that could provide an abortion for $800. Though she didn’t have much money, she certainly didn’t have enough to cover the hospital bills for a birth. 

When Rosliany informed Tepeyac’s staff of her situation, they connected her with free housing through a local church. They also helped her find an attorney who offered his services to her pro bono. 

“Abortion is not the only solution,” her attorney reassured her.

His comfort and determination to fight for her made all the difference in Rosliany’s decision. She felt empowered to make the brave choice to parent no matter what the outcome of her immigration status might be. 

Finances were still a very real concern but Centro Tepeyac connected her with Catholic Charities, a non profit that helps women just like her. Through their organization Rosliany’s medical bills were 100% covered. This was especially helpful since she had to have an emergency cesarean, and stay in the hospital for 11 days while her son remained in the NICU for two weeks. 

“I found [the name] Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” And that’s what I felt at that moment. Because I felt that God wasn’t abandoning me. I felt that God was with me. And I wanted God to continue with me. And in honor of my beloved God, I named my son Emmanuel,” Rosliany explains. 

Emmanuel God with Us Name mother chooses for son Save the Storks Catholic Charities

Looking at her son, Rosliany said, “You are the son I always wanted. I will do anything to make your life better, stronger, safer, and more secure than mine. You can live every day knowing that God is with you.”

Emmanuel is now two years old and loving life. Abortion seemed to be the only option, but Rosliany was empowered to choose life for her precious son. We’re excited to share her amazing story with you in this 2019 Save the Storks video interview.

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