4 Pro-Life Resources to Celebrate Fatherhood

This Father’s Day Give the Gift of Knowledge 

Used to getting tips and advice from dad? This year it’s your turn to dish out the best information on fatherhood. For Father’s Day 2020 we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite pro-life resources on fatherhood. From books to webinars, they’re chock full of stories and information for all the father-figures in your life. 

Save the Storks’ Celebrating Fatherhood Webinar

During this pandemic, dads have been serving in a variety of roles, from homeschool teacher, gourmet chef, co-CEO of the household, and head coach for every imaginable sport, all while rotating fresh-pressed dress shirts with sweatpants for Zoom calls. The juggling act can get pretty overwhelming. 

That’s why we created the Celebrating Fatherhood webinar. It’s a way to encourage dads, give them tips, and provide speakers that can relate. 

The webinar includes James Anderson, President/CEO with New Canaan Society, Rob Denler, Men’s Program Director at Alternatives Pregnancy Centers, special videos from Kirk Cameron and Matt Hammitt, and is moderated by Joseph Schmidt, Director of Solutions at Save the Storks. 

Watch it here: 

Matt Hammitt on Fatherhood – Lead Me 

Looking for a real window into the messy, often untalked about parts of fatherhood? Matt Hammitt’s book Lead Me is all about the tension and struggles men face trying to balance work and family. 

Hammitt is a Christian singer, songwriter, speaker and author. For almost twenty years, he was the lead singer for the band Sanctus Real. But his successful career forced him to leave his family often causing strain on his marriage and distance from his children. He soon realized his good intentions could no longer sustain him or his family; he needed to make a change. 

Yet even as he told his bandmates that he was leaving to invest in his family, he wondered: was it really possible to be present at home and still provide financially too? His book explores these questions and more. 

Learn more.

Buy it here. 

New Canaan Society 

Live Pure, Right Wrong, Speak Truth and Follow the King – NCS motto

The New Canaan Society is a group of men who gather together to encourage each other in friendship and faith. Their goal is to help men support each other to be better husbands, fathers — and better men. They host regular meetings in local chapters across the country.

A few times a month, they gather in restaurants or other common spaces to hear a speaker share a personal story that enlightens, encourages or challenges them on their journeys. 

Find a chapter near you: https://newcanaansociety.org/map/

Rebel Parenting Podcast 

Rebel Parenting was founded by Ryan and Laura Dobson in 2016. And they get real. The Dobsons have a passion for helping marriages that are struggling with infidelity, addictions, lack of intimacy and to seek to really talk about the things parents struggle with. Learn from them each week as they share their stories and interview guests about the joys and struggles of parenting.

Listen here.

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