Pregnancy Clinic Offers Hope To Two Single Moms  

Jillian’s Story: Finding help in the midst of a search for an abortion  

By Katie Doryland  

Christine* noticed that her 16-year-old daughter, Jillian,* hadn’t been looking well recently. She was pale and wasn’t eating much. Jillian kept telling her mother she was fine whenever she asked, but Christine didn’t believe her.  

“I insisted that she get tested for the COVID virus because I was concerned she might have it,” Christine said. When I told her I had made an appointment for a test she began to cry.”  

Jillian broke down and finally told her mom she thought she might be pregnant. 

Christine bought Jillian a pregnancy test and she took it at home. The test came back positive.  

“My heart sank,” Christine said. “I don’t believe in abortion. But being a single mom myself to Jillian, I knew that in this environment and with all the uncertainty with COVID and the economy, we both agreed abortion was the only choice.” 

Money was tight for Christine and Jillian so they went online to find abortion help. In their search, they came across Solutions Mobile, a mobile pregnancy clinic operated by God’s Resources. God’s Resources is a pregnancy clinic in Palm City, FL that offers free services. Christine immediately gave them a call. The receptionist she spoke with explained the importance of an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and see how far along Jillian was. Jillian estimated she was about six weeks. 

Christine was able to get an appointment at the mobile pregnancy clinic for Jillian the next morning.   

Christine and Jillian arrived early for the ultrasound appointment. The staff onboard were understanding of their situation and listened to their concerns. After talking for a bit, the nurse performed an ultrasound on Jillian. They were surprised to see that Jillian was not six weeks along like she thought, but rather 24 weeks.  

“There was a very large and moving baby on the screen and we heard a strong heartbeat,” Christine said. My daughter and I looked at each other and without speaking, we knew there would be no abortion. ” 

As a single mom, Christine knew that it would be hard for them but she also knew she could help her daughter. At that moment Christine committed to supporting Jillian and her future grandchild. The staff provided resources for pregnancy insurance and community organizations that would help their family. They also prayed over Christine and Jillian. Both women left the appointment feeling grateful and comforted by their words. 

“I am relieved we came to Solutions Mobile first before going to the abortion clinic,” Christine said. “I told my daughter that we were all going to be alright and I truly believe that.”

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients 

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