Two Pregnancy Centers, Two Sets of Twins

Twins Bring Twice The Love At Two Pregnancy Centers During COVID-19

Lockdowns, shutdowns and constant anxiety; 2020 has been fraught with it all. Coincidentally, much of the uncertainty we have experienced this year is similar to what women facing an unplanned pregnancy often feel. It can be an incredibly scary time. Add pregnancy during a pandemic and things get even more complicated. This is why pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) have become more important than ever before during COVID. 

Every day PRC staff, medical professionals, and trained counselors meet with women in the midst of what feels like hopeless situation. But they stand with them every step of the way. Because of their dedicationPRC staff have given women the hope and support they need to choose life.  

Here are two stories about two sets of twins that warmed our hearts with double the love. 

Cora’s Story 

Birth Choice of San Marcos, CA 

 Last month, Cora called Birth Choice of San Marcos to get information about abortion 

She was already a mom of three but felt overwhelmed about bringing any more children into her already hectic life. She told the staff at San Marcos that her boyfriend was supportive no matter what she decided to do, but when she boarded their mobile medical unit that day she was very abortion-determined.  

During her intake, she read brochures with abortion information and was shown a video that talked about her options: Abortion, parenting or placing for adoption.  

Why would someone do that? Cora finally asked the options counselor after the videoI had no idea that’s what an abortion entailed.  

Her head was spinning as she went in for her ultrasound. Dorene, the sonographer, showed Cora the image of her baby but there was no cardiac activity since she was still very early in the pregnancy. San Marcos staff asked Cora if she wanted to return in a few weeks for a rescan. She agreed and said she wanted to talk more with her boyfriend.   

Two weeks later Cora returned and had another ultrasound 

This time the nurse was able to pick up a heartbeat. She paused a moment and Cora worried something might be wrong. 

What is it, she asked?  

There are two heartbeats, the nurse said.  

Cora was stunned. They were both silent for a moment. 

I’m pregnant with twins, she said in disbelief. I had a dream that I was having twins, but I can’t believe this. 

Hearing the news and the two heartbeats completely changed Cora’s mind and she made a decision for life on the spot. With the help of San Marcos staff and resources, she is able to care for them and her growing family.  

 These are the ripples that can change culture, said Heidi Hill, CEO of Birth Choice. “One mother and in this case, two precious babies at a time. 

Aurora’s* Story  

God’s Resources – Palm City, FL 

When the pandemic hit Aurora lost her job. Her unemployment benefits didn’t cover all her bills forcing her to move back in with her parents.    

I never thought at 39 years old I would be living with my parents once again,” she said.Because of the virus, my entire world has been turned upside down.”   

To make matters more complicated, she had just gotten a positive pregnancy test  

When I saw the test, I made the decision thatI would have an abortion. I certainly could not put an additional burden on my parents. It was bad enough I was having to move back home. How irresponsible of me to now be pregnant,” she said.  

So, Aurora searched online for abortion clinics. One of the first things she saw was a link for God’s Resources, a local pregnancy resource center (PRC) offering free ultrasounds. She contacted them and got an appointment that same day  

Upon arrival, Aurora met with a client advocate.  

told her my first pregnancy was twins, however, neither survived. With the virus going on now, job loss, and my age, I felt this could put me and the pregnancy at risk.”    

The client advocate listened as Aurora poured out her heart.  

She was very understanding, Aurora said. Not once did she judge me, she listened and then helped me get ready for the ultrasound.  

But just a few minutes into the sonogram, Aurora couldn’t believe her eyes and ears.  

I began to pray I was wrong,” she said. “But the sonogram technician confirmed what was on the screen. Twins. I thought to myself this cannot be happening right now. I was stunned.  

After the ultrasound, Aurora met with the client advocate again. She asked Aurora what she was thinking.  

Maybe I’m being given a second chance,” she said. “I don’t think I can have an abortion. I know my parents wouldn’t want me to either.”  

The client advocate offered her support and the support of the PRC. She put together a list of community resources and help for Aurora and talked through the rest of her concerns and fears.  

I felt such comfort as I left the mobile unit that day,” she said. There was a spark of hope and happiness that I had not felt in a long time. It felt really good to feel that once again.”  

*Name changed to protect identity. 

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