Friday News Roundup 1.29.21

Save the Storks’ News Roundup for January 29, 2021

Today is the March for Life – the world’s largest pro-life demonstration. The march went virtual this year and we will be following along all day with our fellow pro-lifers.   

From choosing adoption to joyfully accepting the responsibilities of fatherhood and motherhood, from sidewalk counseling to lobbying, from prenatal care to post-abortion support, from praying for the most vulnerable to voting to protect them, everyone is desperately needed. Our gifts and talents, united in the service of one common mission, make us Together Strong!”

–Jeanne F. Mancini, President, March for Life 

Tune in here.  

Other pro-life news we’re following this week: 

20 Years of Pro-Life Work 

WORLD editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky did an interesting and provocative interview with long-time pro-life advocate Connie Marshner. She attended the very first March for Life. You can read the interview here and listen to the podcast episode here. 

No More Abortions in Missouri 

Missouri is the first state where surgical abortions are no longer available. Listen to the latest episode of Breakpoint as they celebrate this pro-life milestone while also noting the rise of chemical abortions across the nation.

Mexico City Policy Reversal and Real Healthcare for Women 

The Biden Administration tackled abortion and healthcare issues this week. But for pregnancy resource centers, every day is healthcare day.  

Read our latest on what PRCs do to reach abortion-vulnerable women and the strides they are making across the country.  

Pro-Life Stance, Pro-Choice Friends 

As we stand up for unborn during March for Life, we wanted to share an important resource to help you talk about your pro-life views year-round. We partnered with Life Training Institute’s Megan Almon to offer tips on how to talk to our pro-choice friends.  

Read the blog: 3 Ways to Share Your Pro-Life Views