I Wish They Had Told Me

I Wish They Had Told Me! 

How lack of information pressures women to abort 

When Vanessa* visited Birth Choicea pregnancy resource center (PRC) in San Marcos, CA, she was alone and set on having an abortion. She met with a client advocate at the clinic named Elise*Vanessa explained to Elise that she had already gone to Planned Parenthood in the past for a prior abortion, and although her abortion at the time seemed straightforward, she was not fully informed on her decision.  

It’s not really a choice if mothers are given only one option,” Elise said.Pregnancy centers like Birth Choice have tremendous respect for the women that we see. We would never presume to make a woman’s decision for her.” 

Elise educated Vanessa on all of her options- parenting, adoption, and abortion- and what each option would entail for her for her situation.  

After learning how an abortion was performed, Vanessa said, “I wish they would have told me! What have I done?”  

The staff at Birth Choice were heartbroken for Vanessa. 

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Once they covered her options, Elise asked Vanessa if she’d like to get an ultrasound. Vanessa began to cry when she saw her baby on the screen. She had been deprived of the opportunity to see her baby before her previous abortion.  

Vanessa considered parenting her baby rather than adoption, but shortly after her appointment she had a miscarriage. The pregnancy resource center rallied around her again and she was given information and support for her loss. 

Unfortunately for many women like Vanessa, the pressures to abort comes from a lack of information or education.  Women facing an unplanned pregnancy need compassion and support when making a pregnancy decisionPregnancy centers like Birth Choice, as well as many others, not only offer education on all options, but also support and after care for all women and men when necessary. Pregnancy centers around the country are always willing to stand with woman throughout many situations, even extending after their baby is born. 

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*Names are representational to protect the privacy of the client and staff members involved.