Pregnant And In College 

How E’Nisha Found Resources and Graduated College While Pregnant 

By Katie Doryland

E’Nisha was excited about her upcoming college graduation. She only had a few months left of school in the mountain town of Franklin, North Carolina. But her plans changed when she found out that she was pregnant.  

At 23 years old, E’Nisha was now more worried about what her family back home would think about her being pregnant, especially so close to graduation. These concerns led her to thinking that abortion was her only solution.  

E’Nisha arrived at Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center seeking help and resources.  

She sat down with the registered nurse, Pam, to talk through her options. When E’Nisha thought about having an abortion, she started cry. 

She was also worried about letting her family know, so Pam prayed with herThen she asked E’Nisha if she’d like to get an ultrasound.  

“When [my boyfriend and I] saw the baby’s heart beating, that made us change our minds about having the abortion,” E’Nisha said.

A few weeks later, she and her boyfriend returned to the pregnancy center. They were able to get another ultrasound to determine the gender of their babyThey were given gifts and a baby blanket for their new baby girl and left the center with help and resources.  

Because of the support of the PRC, E’Nisha felt ready to tell her family the news.  

When E’Nisha told her family the news, much to her surprise, they were excited for her. She was able to work and graduate school.  

“I was so proud of myself and my family was too,” E’Nisha said. 

E’Nisha worked in the evenings to help support her family and graduated college a few months later. Since graduating, E’Nisha and her boyfriend have gotten married. They moved in together near the Army base where her husband is currently stationed.  

Every day, pregnancy centers like Smoky Mountain are supporting women throughout their pregnancies and beyond. They are providing hope and encouragement to women, reminding them that they can have a baby and finish school and accomplish their dreams. To find a pregnancy resource center near you, click here.