Save the Storks Launches New Book

Unplanned Grace: A Compassionate Conversation on Life And Choice 

Have you heard the objection, “pro-lifers only care about the birth of the baby, not the circumstances it’s born into,” or “pro-lifers don’t really care about what women are going through.” 

Save the Storks’ new book Unplanned Grace beautifully debunks those misunderstandings to help readers understand just how pro-woman the pro-life movement truly is. Writing not just from a “pro-birth” perspective but from a “pro-abundant life” perspective, Unplanned Grace is an ideal resource for churches and individuals who want to make a difference in the pro-life movement.   

The authors, Brittany Smith and Natasha Smith work for Save the Storks raising awareness of the incredible work pro-life ministries are doing across the country. Throughout the book, they showcase how holistic the care and abundant the resources are for women, men and babies. And of the many ways readers can join the movement that goes beyond picketing or politics but can practically transform lives locally. 

Drawing on personal interviews, inspiring stories, and eye-opening facts, Unplanned Grace helps readers understand: 

  • How economics, relationships, and health affect a woman’s pregnancy decision 
  • The value of having empathy for women facing unplanned pregnancies 
  • The enormous potential churches have to support women in crisis 

“Unplanned Grace is my new favorite book on helping people understand why every life is sacred.” – Pastor Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life 

Many of the stories [in Unplanned Grace] brought tears to my eyes—tears of empathy for the very real difficulties that many women and men face and tears of gratitude for the ways people have stepped in and served those in need. This authentic, fresh perspective on the issue of life is needed. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I urge you to consider these stories. –Lauren Green McAfee, speaker, writer, Hobby Lobby corporate ambassador 

Pick up your copy of Unplanned Grace today and learn how you can make a difference for life in your own hometown.