Top Pro Life Stories for Sanctity of Life Sunday 2022

We want to offer some incredible true stories of life and what it means for women to be empowered to choose. Feel free to share any of the videos with your congregations, friends and families to begin conversations on life and choice.


What does it mean to be pro-life? This video shows how the pro life movement is filled with compassion, education and holistic care. We are for moms, babies, dads, and families. We believe that every life is valuable no matter what.

Stories of Hope:

The following testimonies show case real women telling their personal stories of how they changed their minds away from abortion to choose a better life for themselves and their children.

Jasmine’s Story

Pressured to have an abortion, Jasmine decided she wouldn’t allow other’s to define her story. She wanted her son and she would do whatever it takes to care for him well.

Gabi’s Story

Gabi couldn’t imagine being a mom since she could hardly take care of herself and still loved the party scene. But when she chose life, her entire life changed for the better. “He is the best thing I could ever have in my life, hands-down.”

Amy’s Story

Addicted to drugs, abortion seemed the best option since she was concerned that she’d already damaged her child. But her local pregnancy center surrounded her with care, she overcame her addiction and found holistic health of herself and her child.

Brienda’s Story

Trapped in an abusive relationship, without good employment and already caring for one child, Brienda thought aborting her unplanned pregnancy was her only solution. The ultrasound changed her world. Watch her amazing story of courage, hope and strength.

Rosliany’s Story

Facing homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, and the threat of deportation. Abortion seemed to be the only realistic pregnancy option. Her local pregnancy center, church and legal assistance radically transformed her circumstances and made life possible for her and her child.  

Documentaries and Helpful Educational Videos

The below videos help inform you on the nature of pregnancy resource centers and how to answer some important questions surrounding the conversation on life and choice.

Defend Pro Life in a Minute or Less

         If you’re not sure how to readily share your view on life, this video will provide a helpful framework for sharing your stance with confidence.

How to Talk to Pro-Choice Friends

In our culture, it’s increasingly difficult to have good conversations with people who disagree with your view, but we want to help you do just that. As a pro life individual, we want to equip you to engage in a helpful, honest, and winsome conversations with your pro-choice friends.

Can Men Be Pro-Life?

Do men have the right to be pro-life? An estimated 64% of women who had an abortion said that their partner was the leading voice that convinced them to have an abortion. Imagine the impact on women if more men were vocal about their desire for their child.

What is a Medical Pregnancy Center?

Dr. Karysse Trandem, DO, OB/GYN is the medical director for three pregnancy centers in southwest Florida. She provides a tour of their facility as well as an overview of the services and standards of a medical pregnancy clinic.

How Pregnancy Centers Care for Women After Pregnancy

At Human Coalition in Dallas, their care for abortion-vulnerable women goes beyond offering them free medical services. This Continuum of Care program offers women holistic care to ensure she can thrive personally, professionally, spiritually, and practically.

Late-Term Abortion

Seven sates offer late-term abortion, some even perform up until birth. Albuquerque NM has one such center but the local pregnancy center is offering one last lifeline to women who come to the area determined to have an abortion.

Hope After Abortion

After being pressured to have her first abortion, Kim naturally gravitated toward that decision with her next two pregnancies but abortion left her feeling lost and alone – not empowered. Kim’s Story is an incredible one of hope, showing how one’s past does not define the future. There is healing after abortion.