Book Review: Help Her Be Brave by Amy Ford

“If abortion became illegal today, the church would not be ready to help women with unplanned pregnancies practically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s time to change that.” This is the call to action on the back cover of Amy Ford’s latest release, Help Her Be Brave: Discover your Place in the Pro-Life Movement.  With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade where abortion has become restricted in many states, not only is Ford’s book engaging and deeply inspiring, it’s necessary.

What Inspired Amy to Write Help Her Be Brave

When asked what prompted her to write the book, Amy said she often hears Christians say that they want to get involved in the pro-life movement, but they don’t know where to start. She felt the same way for many years. “I didn’t know there were so many organizations helping women choose life,” she said. In fact, until being invited to speak at a Care Net Conference, she had been completely unaware of most of the organizations that exist to help women with unplanned pregnancies. “I walked up and down those halls in awe of the many amazing resources that were available. I kept thinking, If only people knew about all these resources!”

Help Her Be Brave is designed to be “an on-ramp for the average Christian to get involved in the pro-life movement.” Each chapter is broken down by topic, suggesting ways that everyday people can help single moms be brave. The chapters are titled as Know Her, Welcome Her, Comfort Her, and Protect Her (among others). Each chapter begins with an introduction (usually in the form of an inspirational story), and then goes on to explore what the Bible has to say about the topic, what the average Christian’s place might be, and practical examples of how that may look in everyday life. 

What to Expect from the Book

A highlight of the book are the bullet point lists included at the end of each chapter. Amy has brainstormed hundreds of ways that Christians can help single moms be brave. Some are big, like starting a ministry or become a foster parent. Others are so small and simple many may not consider them as even participating in the pro-life movement. Things such as praying for a single mom, offering to babysit, providing a meal, or sponsoring her to go on a weekend retreat. In Amy’s mind, nothing is too big or too small. “Start somewhere. Start anywhere. God will show you how to love her.” 

Post-Abortion Healing

While Amy wants to help single moms who have chosen life for their babies, she is also passionate about post-abortion healing and recovery. In a particularly moving portion of the book, Amy tells a story about something that happened when she was speaking at a pro-life conference. At the end of her talk Amy pointed out the reality that, according to statistics, 2,500 people in that room had been affected by abortion in some way. She reminded them that they are not disqualified from ministry, and that God wanted to start the healing process in their hearts. Soon after, a woman came to Amy’s booth in tears. She was overcome with a new idea: that God could use her, despite the abortion in her past. She had never even considered that before. 

Help Her Be Brave includes a full chapter on the grace and healing that people can find post-abortion. It challenges the church to speak up about the issue on a regular basis, so that those in their pews know it is a safe place to share their stories, be set free, and help others find freedom too. 

The Role of the Church in Abortion

Amy has always been convinced that the church is the solution to making abortion unnecessary. But the introduction of the book includes a jolting story that highlights this belief. A notable pro-life leader from California, named Terrissa, approached Amy and asked if she would come and speak at her organization. Amy was willing, but was unsure why this leader had asked her, considering Terissa was an atheist. She reminded Terrisa that her message was all about the church and Jesus. Wouldn’t that be a problem? Terrissa’s response is revealing. “I don’t believe in your God. But I believe in the power of your people. If you can get the church to actually do something, then the abortion issue wouldn’t even be an issue.” 

If you are a Christ-follower looking for practical ideas for how you can support single mothers, if you care about women and children in tough situations, if you long to see freedom and healing happen right before your eyes, Help Her Be Brave is for you. “God cares deeply for single moms,” says Amy. “He wants to provide for their needs—He does that through the church.” Help Her Be Brave is a springboard to help average Christians know how, and then go out and do it.  


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