What is Save the Storks?

Save the Storks was founded in 2012 by Joe and Ann Baker with the initial primary goal of launching mobile medical units across the country to serve abortion-vulnerable women through pregnancy resource centers. Our vision has expanded to help change the pro-life and pregnancy center movements to incorporate innovation, creativity, and vision to promote a culture of life in the United States. Save the Storks is a public charity exempt from federal income tax as an organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. (EIN 46-1031815) All contributions to ministry are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

What is a Stork Bus?

It is a mobile medical unit equipped with a counseling area and a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, which allows pregnancy centers to show mothers an image of their baby. At the end of the day, pregnancy centers own and operate these vehicles as affiliates of Save the Storks so women can receive the follow-up support they need from their own local community.

Why go mobile?

To assist pregnancy resource centers in equipping more women with the services they need, where they are, to make life-affirming choices.

How does your partnership with pregnancy resource centers work?

Our desire is to provide pregnancy resource centers with Stork Buses as an extension of their ministry. This enables them to meet with women outside abortion clinics or on college campuses instead of waiting for women to come to them. Abortion-vulnerable women who decide to keep their children often need counseling, discipleship, a loving community, food, formula, clothing, diapers, and so much more – all provided through local pregnancy centers.

Do you simply give buses to any pregnancy center that wants one?

There is an application process, and once reviewed and approved,  we then work with the center to raise the money in a variety of ways.

Interested Pregnancy Centers can APPLY HERE

We help fund the buses in close partnership with pregnancy centers, who are also very invested and work hard to raise support. Not only for the bus itself, but also for the staff and other ongoing operational costs. This makes for a sustainable model.

Where do you get your Statistics?

Abortion statistics are hard to find and are likely under-reported. We are citing the same statistics that are used by national organizations. Which concluded  64% feel pressured and 79% weren’t counseled on other options.
Which references this study:


What Percentage of my monthly support goes to help save lives?

At Save the Storks, we work hard to ensure that your $35/month donation is used in the most effective ways possible to help save lives. We greatly appreciate your gift and promise to steward it by using the funds in the most effective way we can to reach and support abortion-vulnerable women and promote a culture of life in the United States. Your gift will be used where it is needed most to fulfill the Save the Storks vision.

To that end, we consistently have had special gifts from generous donors to specifically lower our fundraising and administration costs and are thus able to maximize the ministry impact of donated funds. In FY2016 (our last complete fiscal year), Save The Storks had over 88% of your donations go toward life saving programs through our work and our affiliate pregnancy resource centers. Less than 12% of all our expenses went to fundraising and administration. Accordingly, each monthly partner sees nearly their entire donation to Save The Storks go toward efforts that actually helps save lives!

How does Save The Storks use my funds?

Save The Storks is primarily engaged in partnering with affiliate pregnancy resource centers to help save lives through our mobile medical units (Stork Buses), strategic consulting, direct assistance grants to PRCs, and advocating for the culture of life in the United States. We consistently join with our partner pro-life organizations in advocacy efforts in service to the larger movement. Our efforts to bring nationwide awareness on behalf of mothers and their babies are crucial in helping to create a positive culture of life. Our culture of Compassion, Love and Action enables us to effectively cut through the noise and serve mothers and their babies. Our core strategies of Direct Assistance, Strategic Advocacy, and Nationwide Awareness help save thousands of lives. We apply gifts given to a specific program to that program. Your ongoing support and monthly donations for where it is needed most enables us to meet the challenges to building a culture of life.


Where can I send a check donation?

Please make your check payable to “Save the Storks” and mail to Save the Storks, 4050 Lee Vance View, Suite #300, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Where are your financial documents listed?

We currently are listed and ranked by GuideStar as well as Intelligent Philanthropy. If you would like a more in-depth look at our finances we would be happy to email a copy of our latest 990 tax form. Please contact donate@savethestorks.com or call 866-639-0479 ext 1.