Our Story

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We often reminisce and tell stories of the early days of Save the Storks when we were broke on fundraising tours, pleading with people to believe in our dream.

We lived on $3 meal budgets  and slept in the back of a gutted Mercedes-Benz van, hoping that people would catch our vision of saving lives through mobile ultrasounds. Save the Storks was officially founded in 2012 by Joe and Ann Baker and the journey since has been a crazy one.

The start of this journey happened on the road.

Have you ever been sleeping in the back of a car when the driver swerved, waking you up in absolute terror? That was every night for Joe and Ann. Did we mention they were living in a gutted Mercedes Sprinter?

Somedays they raised enough money to get to the next stop; if not, the gas went on the Visa card. The Bakers’ personal Visa card.

The odds seemed impossible. We’re not sure how the heck we convinced other people to join us. No one got paid since there was no money and the work was non-stop. Yet we were filled with faith – God had a plan.

The odds seemed impossible.

Our initial goal

was to partner with pregnancy resource centers to launch mobile medical units across the country to serve abortion-vulnerable women. At the time, with only one employee on the team in 2013, that vision seemed audacious and crazy.

As we started adding people to our team in 2014, the vision expanded and we felt God leading us into even bigger territory, all with the vision of helping mothers.

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Now? We don’t just build mobile units.

We also offer consulting services to pregnancy centers and teach them what we’ve learned. Normally just a few changes make all the difference in any organization. Just a few tweaks could raise more funds and quickly help a center reach more women.

We’ve also added more team members and at 25 and counting, quickly outgrew our office space. We’ve moved into a bigger office, but our humble beginnings in the back of that van have taught us a lot about perseverance and dedication in the midst of tight (literally) circumstances.


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Save the Storks is a young organization

We’ve learned a lot over the last five years. We’re a team of dreamers, doers, and adventurous souls. Our culture is one of grace and we aren’t afraid of failure; we don’t view mistakes as failures unless we refuse to learn from them. We are daily inspired by the strength of the pregnancy centers we work with. These centers inspire us to dream big.

We’re a team of dreamers, doers, and adventurous souls.

We have a big vision. We exist to help pregnancy centers reach more abortion-vulnerable women.

It all started with a few sonogram-equipped Sprinter vans. Who would have ever thought that the Lord would grow our fleet to 40 mobile affiliates, allowing us to fulfill our five year promises in just three years?

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We have a big vision.


Our vision has expanded to help change the pro-life and pregnancy center movements to incorporate innovation, creativity, and new ideas to promote a culture of life in the United States.

We invite you to join us in this effort!