Our Story

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We often reminisce and tell stories of the early days of Save the Storks when we were broke on fundraising tours, pleading with people to believe in our dream.

We survived on $3 per meal and slept in the back of our gutted Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. We wanted people to catch the vision of saving lives through free ultrasounds on a mobile medical unit. This Stork Bus would be owned and operated by local pregnancy clinics across the country, bridging the gap between women and the abundant free resources available to her in her local community. Save the Storks was officially founded in 2012 by Joe and Ann Baker. The journey since has been a crazy one.

Have you ever been asleep in a vehicle when the driver swerves and you wake up in absolute terror? Welcome to the life of Joe and Ann Baker as they traveled across the country. This is how they spent first year of marriage, living out of a van trying to inspire others to participate in their vision.

Some days they raised enough money to get to the next stop. If not, the gas went on the Baker’s personal Visa card.

The odds seemed impossible. The Bakers worked endlessly to invite others to join their cause. In the early days no one got paid and the work was nonstop. Nevertheless, people were excited to join the mission and work toward the dream. God had a plan and they were faithful to follow it.

The odds seemed impossible.

The Goal

The initial vision was to partner with pregnancy resource centers to launch mobile medical units across the country to serve abortion-vulnerable women. With only one paid employee in 2013, the vision seemed audacious and crazy.

“As the company started to grow in 2014, the vision continued to expand, though the goal of serving mothers and saving babies remained the same.

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Pregnancy Resource Centers

We recognized the need to equip pregnancy centers through more than just mobile ministry. We developed consulting services for pregnancy centers to teach them how to more efficiently and effectively serve their communities.

Our humble beginnings in the back of a van taught os a lot about perseverance and dedication in the midst of tight (literally) circumstances. Now, we look in amazement at what God has done. Our staff team continues to grow. In fact, we had to move offices to accommodate our 30+ staff team in the spring of 2018. .


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Save the Storks is a young organization

We learned a lot over the past five years. We are a team of dreamers, doers, and adventurous souls. Our culture is one of grace and we aren’t afraid of failure; we don’t view mistakes as failures unless we refuse to learn from them. We are daily inspired by the strength of the pregnancy centers we work with. These centers inspire us to dream big.

We are a team of dreamers, doers, and adventurous souls.

Dream Big! We do. We exist to help pregnancy resource centers reach more abortion-vulnerable women.

It all started with one stripped-down Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. Who would have ever thought that the Lord would grow our fleet to more than 45 Stork Buses by 2018, allowing us to fulfill our five year promises in just three years?


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Our mission at Save the Storks is to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life.

How we’ll do this:

  • Change the language and conversation around pro-life
  • Create innovative ways to engage and serve women and children
  • Equip grassroots leaders with strategies and tools to provide love, compassion and action
  • Mobilize cultural influencers to create catalytic change

We have a big vision.


Our desire is to help pregnancy resource centers equip and empower women to choose life. We want to spread innovation, creativity, and vision to promote a culture of life in the United States.

We invite you to help us revolutionize the meaning of pro-life.