Alice Gifford

Executive Assistant to CFO/CSO

Born to Wycliffe missionary parents, Alice Gifford spent her first 17 years in Guatemala, Central America. After moving to the U.S. and weathering some reverse culture shock, she worked her way through college and eventually earned a degree in Communications from the University of Texas. Since moving to Colorado in 2001, Alice has plugged in and worked with several nonprofits and ministries while raising three active children.

Alice has always enjoyed using her gifts and skills to serve, whether in a church Worship Arts ministry, an international student ministry, organizing and/or serving at events, volunteering with a hospice program, or community services projects like CityServe or Habitat for Humanity. She has a servant heart and deep passion for communicating in ways that help people see or understand things from new and different perspectives.

As assistant to an executive wearing many hats and juggling a variety of tasks, Alice has gotten a front-row seat in the pro-life ministry environment. She appreciates the vision and energy that drive Storks to promote Love, Compassion, Action within a controversial industry striving to revolutionize the history of hate and judgment that still permeates the climate. The genuine hearts and efforts of her co-workers shine as a testament to how Storks and other ministry-focused organizations are changing the pro-life conversation.

Some of Alice’s favorite activities include exploring the outdoors, reading, writing, sports and traveling. She recharges with time alone, whether on the trail or in front of the fireplace, but she also treasures time spent with family and friends.

Alice and her mom Marilyn