Billy Ramsdell

Director of Development & Donor Relations
Sweet Tea, BBQ, fried chicken, humidity, hot Christmases, college football, street basketball and playing in the dirt–this was Billy’s childhood in the East Tampa area of Florida. Now, as an official Coloradan of 14 years, it’s mountains, chapstick, hiking, Broncos, great church, family and friends.
Billy married his college sweetheart and has five amazing kids who, he says, “are smarter and better looking” than he could ever be. He received his BA in Pastoral Ministries with focus on Conflict & Organizational Management from Trinity College of the Bible.

Billy, who was ordained as a Pastor in 1995, has served churches–large and small–with several years in corporate sales, business development and consulting. He has served as board of director for several start up organizations, a leading charter school and an amazing city wide service organization.

Billy serves as our Director of Development & Donor Relations. His favorite part of his job is the innovation, boldness and impact on women and children all over the nation.

When he’s not saving storks, he loves to travel, hike, dream big, read, eat out, go to movies, serve with church and church planters, and create adventures with his wife. You can often find him listening to rap, worship, powerful preaching, and even some techno-dubstep-disco-funk.

If you spot him in the office, he might look like he’s talking to himself, but he’s actually praying for everyone as he walks around, something he makes a point to do everyday. He is passionate about encouraging others to joy and greatness and makes it his business to invite outside guests into the office so he can brag on the amazing work his coworkers are doing. And, he just may be the guy to throw things across the room while everyone is trying to focus on real work.

When asked if he would encourage others to join the new pro-life movement, he said, “Absolutely! Because it just might be the one area of ministry where there is more than justice, opinions, stances or even mercy at stake–but rather, the simple and undeniable power of LIFE, which tells its own story if it just has a chance.”

Billy and his mom Denise