Carrie Thompson

Giving Specialist

Born and raised in rural southeastern Illinois, Carrie grew up with a close-knit family and deep country roots. At the age of 19, she chose to follow God’s call and to head to New Zealand on a summer mission trip; and thus began her journey to seek God’s will for her life rather than her own. After that trip, she transferred to Hannibal-LaGrange University, where she earned a B.S. in Communications and a minor in Business Administration in 2010. Two years later, she moved to Colorado Springs, and in 2015, she came to Save the Storks as the Executive Assistant to founder and CEO Joe Baker. She is now serving in the role of Giving Specialist in the Donor Department.

When she’s not busy helping save Storks, Carrie loves to venture into the great outdoors to hike and spend some time reflecting and dreaming. And Carrie doesn’t shy away from the snow here in Colorado Springs; during our white winter days, she gears up for sledding and snow angel-making with friends. When she’s not spending quality time with friends and family or steeped in a great novel, she may be curled up on the couch, diving into her Netflix list for the next episode of Sherlock Holmes or Parks and Recreation. Speaking of Sherlock, Carrie says her hidden talent is her knack for solving the mysteries hidden beneath messy handwriting.

Carrie’s favorite work days are when the team comes together for an event or a conference; she loves to see how everyone’s efforts culminate to produce success. “We spend so much time and effort working up to the event and planning things out to ensure everything gets going as it should,” she says. “Sometimes it happens in a timely manner; sometimes we cut it close… but it’s great to be part of pitching in and pulling it off.” Carrie says having awesome coworkers makes the process that much more enjoyable.

Carrie feels a special calling to Save the Storks, believing that her specific talents and abilities are suited to her work. But she says that it’s very important, first and foremost, to ask God what need He is calling a person to fill before jumping into one ministry – like pro-life work – exclusively. “Our responsibility as followers of Jesus,” she says, “is not just to look at the needs, but also to the One who can meet all needs. We are to seek His face, His guidance and His leading, and then follow.” And what if we respond like Jonah or Moses, telling God that He picked the wrong guy (or gal) for the job? “He may call us to meet a need we don’t feel equipped to meet… and then teach us His strength in our weakness.” Sage advice, Carrie!

Carrie and her mom Mollie