Dan Trumble

Staff Accountant

Dan is the Staff Accountant for Save the Storks. He has over 20 years experience in various finance functions in non-profit ministries. He is happy to work at an organization that values integrity and pleasing God, while also allowing him to use his accounting skills and experience.

Dan has lived in Colorado Springs since he was an infant, with the exception of about three and a half years that he and his family spent as missionaries in the African country of Malawi. His wife, Beth, grew up as the youngest of six children on a farm in Iowa. Dan and Beth have been married for over 20 years and are blessed with four children.

When Dan was in fourth grade and had to put down the job he wanted when he grew up, he indicated “accountant.”  He studied Finance and graduated with a business degree from the University of Colorado. It is said that accountants aren’t boring people, they’re just people who get excited about boring things. Dan finds this to be generally true.

Dan’s Mom died when he was 9 years old and his sister was 7.  When he was in college his dad married a neat widow lady from church who had 7 married adult children. Including in-laws, Dan and Beth have 26 siblings, over 75 nieces and nephews and over 60 great nieces and nephews (18 of the nieces and nephews are not yet married so these numbers are expected to increase over time). Dan has a spreadsheet to keep track.

In Matthew 25 Jesus speaks of helping “the least of these.” Unborn children are amongst the least in the world in terms of vulnerability and their lack of a voice. When asked what he enjoyed most about working in pro-life ministry, Dan said, “It is neat to be part of a ministry that God is using to accomplish His purposes in the lives of mothers and babies. Life is sacred and everyone needs to do their part to value all who are made in God’s image.”

Dan and his mom Herma