Don and Becky Needham

Volunteer Stork Bus Drivers

Becky was born in Oregon, IL and Don in Baton Rouge. They met at Bible college in IL and got married at the beginning of their junior years. They now have two sons and four grandsons.

Becky’s vocational career was in public school (administrator’s secretary) for over 30 years and, though retired, still gets called in to sub frequently. Don just finished 50 years of pastoral ministry and was active in Colorado Springs Life Network (pregnancy center) for over 30 years. Don helped co-organized the first local Walk for Life and fundraising banquet.

Don and Becky are thankful they can be drivers for Storks as it allows them to meet some of the most wonderful people! They said, “Pregnancy center staff and volunteers don’t do it for the glamour, for the pay, for the hours — they do it because they are passionate about the sanctity of human life.” They love that they get to team together and travel doing something that matters, while also getting to see some beautiful parts of this great country.

Since joining Storks, Don and Becky have recruited others from their community to become drivers and join the pro-life movement in an active way.

While Don and Becky have been passionate about pro-life issues for years, it was a personal encounter with a decision for life that caused them to become involved with Storks.

In about 1985, Don’s good friend asked him to talk to her seventeen-year-old son whose girlfriend was pregnant. In that conversation, Don encouraged the young man to choose life. Fast forward to 2007 and Don was tasked with buying 200 turkeys for Katrina refugee families who had settled in Colorado Springs. Going up to the meat counter at Sam’s Club, he asked for the manager who recognized him, saying, “Don, do you remember me? I am David S., and you talked to me 20 years ago about choosing life… Well, just recently, I became a grandpa!”

Needless to say it became an emotional moment… God uses “divine intersections” to save lives and Don and Becky are so thankful to be part of this amazing work.