Jason Bickley

Partner Care Supervisor

Jason Bickley serves as a Partner Care Specialist Supervisor at Storks. He is originally from Charlotte, NC. After finishing a Bachelors in Pastoral and Preaching Ministries in the Carolinas, Jason moved to Colorado for a Masters of Counseling. His ultimate goal is to serve people and help them to heal both inside and outside the church through counseling. When not saving storks or doing grad work, Jason enjoys hiking mountains, running, reading, and public speaking.

As a Partner Engagement Specialist, Jason gets to spend time talking with and loving our partners—is there a better job than getting to care about people professionally?  

When Jason was young, his ultimate goal was to find a way to simulate the Force, make a lightsaber, and become a Jedi in real life. He still wants to save the galaxy in the service of the Lord, but now the “how to” has changed. Now he wants to change the world by “[proclaiming Christ], admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ” (Col 1:28).

Jason would absolutely recommend being involved in pro-life work! It is a beautiful coming together of very practical, hands on love and care for people in need and very real spiritual care that can lead to someone knowing the Lord—their ultimate need.  

Jason and his mom Evelyn