Jason Welty

Logistics Manager
Jason grew up in Indianapolis, IN, but lived in Colorado Springs for three years from 1998-2001. After returning to Indianapolis, he always wanted to come back to Colorado, but knew it would be far down the road. Maybe after his girls graduated high school. Maybe even after retirement. God, however, had other plans. Jason was offered a promotion in Colorado Springs and, after much prayer, decided to make the move out west.

Since then, Jason and his wife have been taking whatever the next step is that God puts in front of them, and He continues to blow their minds.

Jason loves taking his family camping and being part of the worship team at his church, taking every opportunity he can to play music. His other interests include record stores, reading, and writing.

Jason loves a good challenge, and, as the Logistics Manager at Save the Storks there is no shortage of challenges. Spiritual warfare is a real thing, and he faces every challenge with the knowledge that the war is already won. In response to these challenges, Jason says, “All I have to do is rely on the power of the Holy Spirit for each battle.”

Jason also brings a unique and severely wanting knowledge of Star Wars to the Save the Storks team. With a special understanding of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Office, Jason’s office hijinks are  full of pop-culture references.

When asked if he would encourage others to pursue work in pro-life ministry, Jason said, “Anyone considering a career in a pro-life ministry should ask themselves what it means to be “pro-life.” Life is more than a heartbeat, oxygen in your lungs, and blood moving through your body. God has given us His amazing creation and He expects us to see Him in Creation–from wildflowers to the baby forming inside its mother’s womb. God has a plan for an artist to be inspired by the wildflower, and perhaps that artist hasn’t been born yet. When you witness a child seeing something for the first time, it does something to you. You remember what innocence is like.”

For Jason, the most rewarding part of his job at Storks is knowing that he is helping make a difference in the lives of families across the nation– “The stories we hear from pregnancy resource centers of mothers and fathers choosing life are some of the most powerful stories being told today. It is incredibly rewarding to know that you had even the smallest part in equipping that PRC to support that family in choosing life.”

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16.9