Jill Farmer

Executive Assistant / Project Manager

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Jill proudly hails as a 3rd generation native; somewhat of an anomaly in our rapidly growing and transient city! Her sense of adventure began as a child with off-trail excursions into the Garden of the Gods, practically in her backyard, and has continued into adulthood. Although she has lived on both coasts, her heart has always drawn her back home to Colorado.

Earning a degree in Sociology at Westmont College in California played perfectly into her innate curiosity about “what makes people tick,” and fostered her passion to serve. She is thrilled to be able to use her experience and talents in her role as Executive Assistant and Project Manager for the Innovation Team at Save the Storks.

Jill’s primary focus over the last couple of decades has been her son, Ethan. Together they enjoy taking off to the mountains to camp, rock hunt, and explore out-of-the-way antique shops. She loves his brilliant, entrepreneurial mind and gift for gab! This proud mom has no doubt that his unique combination of traits and skills will serve him well as he launches into his life and future.

Reflecting on the path that led her to Storks, Jill realized that the challenges of functioning as a single mom had trapped her in a cycle of taking jobs just to get by, while always wanting to be used by God for more. Joining Save the Storks has become her career phoenix. She feels blessed to participate in Storks’ timely and critical mission to reimagine the pro-life movement and reach abortion-vulnerable women with practical tools and support to help them choose life for their precious cargo.

Jill and her mom Sally