Jim and Pam Landfried

Volunteer Stork Bus Drivers

Both Jim and Pam both spent most of their adult lives living in the state of California. Jim was a construction engineer for the California Department of Transportation for over 36 years and retired in May of 2005. Pam taught ceramics for 40 years and owned her own studio for ten years.

Both have used their passions and skills in various ministries, including volunteering at a pregnancy resource center for years where Jim served as the Board of Directors and Pam was in charge of fundraising.

Through volunteering, they both realized how significant the work of pregnancy resource centers really is. Soon after they moved to Colorado Springs, they saw a presentation by a Storks driver at their church group. They realized that this would be the perfect extension of their time involved with the PRC in California.

Jim loves being a Stork driver because he is able to meet new people that also share in his passion of saving lives and helping women. Pam also loves meeting so many fabulous people and, being the adventurous woman she is, loves traveling to so many new places in the United States.

Jim and Pam love working together and wondering what the next part of their adventure will hold. They have both become newly invigorated through being involved in this ministry. A highlight from one of their trips was being able to see so many young people who were excited about raising funds for Storks.

Their unique contribution to Storks is that, being in their 70s, they are able to bring so many years of experience and wisdom to this ministry.

When asked if she would encourage others to work in pro-life ministry full-time, Pam urges everyone to consider what part they could play in this great ministry. She said, “We must ask ourselves how we can encourage and equip the pregnancy centers that are working on the front lines. How can we all empower women with the information necessary for them to know that abortion is not their only option?” While Jim and Pam are in their seventies, they didn’t think they would ever be used in such a big way, but are thankful that “God has given [them] such joy in being sent.”

Jim added that so many women “would not abort their baby if they knew there are many options otherwise.” He encouraged people to get involved in getting this information out. The more volunteer help, the more work that can be done.

When they aren’t saving storks, Jim and Pam are spending time with their two daughters, five granddaughters, and nine great grandchildren.