John Gore

Interim CFO

Prior to coming to Save the Storks, John spent 5 years as the Finance Director for another local non-profit organization before coming on board with Storks. He believes his organized and systematic approach to problem solving and implementing new ideas can greatly serve the ever-expanding reach of our growing and evolving organization.

John grew up on the east coast, and most of his extended family currently live scattered around the state of Pennsylvania. After earning his undergraduate degree from a small college in Florida and marrying Mallory, he spent several years working in the corporate world of insurance while earning his MBA from Aspen University. But before too many years had passed, both he and his wife felt the call away from that corporate environment and moved to Colorado for a fresh start.

As if parenting two young children and a rescue mutt doesn’t keep them busy enough, John also enjoys a part-time gig as music director for a local church. Music provides a creative outlet that crunching numbers just can’t touch and gives him ways to connect with others in a slightly less controlling way. He feels blessed with opportunities to make a difference for the kingdom in both his personal and professional life. God is good.

John and his mom Heidi