John McCain


John McCain is Save the Storks’ resident financial genius. Born and raised in Arcata, California, John has accrued several degrees, including a Bachelor of Business Administration from Oklahoma Baptist University, an MBA from Colorado State University, and an MRE from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. When he’s not busy managing the numbers at Save the Storks, John can be found hiking or mountain biking through beautiful Colorado, playing guitar, and spending time with friends.

John’s path to Save the Storks is a great example of God’s loving providence. In the process of job-hunting after receiving his MBA, John met a Save the Storks team member who told him about Storks, and later asked him if he was available to help the organization by driving a Stork Bus. As John grew more familiar with the organization, and also conversed with VP of Solutions, DiAnna Steele, John interviewed with Save the Storks founder and CEO, Joe Baker. The rest, as they say, is history.

As the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at Save the Storks, John is charged with the enormous responsibility of balancing the Save the Storks budget and managing the strategy of the organization. CEO Joe Baker says that John’s contribution is indispensable. “He’s a genius,” Joe says. “He oversees all the strategy of the organization.” This means that when Joe has a big idea, John transforms the idea into an executable plan, and then the pair accomplishes the idea together. “Without John,” says Joe, “it would just be a big idea. There would be no plan. I honestly haven’t met anyone else who could fill that role.” For his part, John loves the opportunity Storks affords him to use his talents and gifts in a way that will impact all eternity.

Among John’s unique contributions to Save the Storks is the blend of corporate and pastoral backgrounds he brings to the organization. This allows him to provide a relevant and detailed perspective on the questions and problems that face Save the Storks. In fact, John says his favorite thing about working at Save the Storks is “the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with coworkers.” And as someone who is passionate about working in startup and mid sized companies, Storks has proven to be a wonderful fit all-around. To someone considering the question of whether full-time pro-life ministry could be their call, John encourages boldness. “The real question,” he says, “is, Why not?”

John and his mom Betty