Katie Doryland

Production / Product Coordinator

Katelyn was born in North Dakota as an Air Force brat but lived most of her life in Rocklin, California after her dad retired from the Air Force. She spent four years bouncing around at different colleges (mostly to play volleyball) and graduated from William Jessup University in Rocklin with a BA in English. She had dreams of being an editor but ended up teaching Kindergarten and running summer camp for 3 years before joining the Thorn Conservatory for an internship with The Thorn Productions in Colorado Springs. In her free time she loves to read, play volleyball, play video games and explore the Springs.

She currently works as our Production/Project Coordinator. What she loves about Save the Storks is the tangible love and passion that everyone has for the organization and the work they are doing. “Everyone approaches their work with joy and love knowing that they are doing Kingdom work and have such a huge purpose.” She loves the fearless mentality that Storks has-knowing that being a pro-life organization means going against societal norms because it means saving the lives of the unborn. 

Katie’s passion, flexibility, and love for people are a positive contribution to Storks.

She would definitely suggest that someone work in pro-life ministry. They are helping save the lives of the innocent who have neither the voice nor the ability to make a life decision of their own. Dedicating your life to pro-life work means that you are making a choice to tell God’s story in a different way- a way that shows compassion, love and grace. It means furthering the Kingdom and telling a story of love despite what society pushes at us and tells us what we should do.

Katie and her mom Laura