Kinsey Gebel

Tour Administrator

Kinsey grew up as the oldest of seven children in the great state of Oklahoma. She enjoys working with kids and has a heart for teaching and bringing stories to life, and combined those passions to serve as a director at the children’s theater in her hometown throughout her high school and college years. Kinsey also volunteered with a pro-life organization where she developed her devotion to the movement. 

In April 2018 Kinsey married Mitch, the love of her life, and they have enjoyed settling into their new life together in Colorado Springs. Living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains means they do plenty of hiking and exploring. It’s a great day when she finds a place to string up her hammock and spend a couple hours immersed in a book.

As a member of the Solutions Logistics Team, Kinsey maintains open channels of communication with PRCs all around the country. Whether scheduling a Stork Bus to come by the facility while out on tour, or making sure their own Stork Bus is running smoothly, she loves supporting them to better reach women in need. She feels honored to play a part in saving the lives of the unborn, a cause she believes in passionately.

Kinsey loves nothing more than a good book paired with a hot cup of coffee. She grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, which she believes continue to influence her life today. An aspiring writer herself, she has written a few scripts for original plays and hopes to complete more in the years ahead. 

With high hopes and great expectations for the years ahead, Kinsey relishes discovering the ways God will use her to serve as a voice for unborn children and women in need.

Kinsey and her mom Angela