Louise Wallace

Product Manager

Louise grew up in Washington D.C…. Well technically Fairfax, VA, but D.C. sounds cooler. When she wasn’t getting caught eating spoonfuls of sugar on the kitchen table, she could be found on the soccer field. Being raised as a free spirit and, in the words of her mother, “the child whose sense of spontaneity stressed her out,” it was only fitting that she never stay in one spot.

In 2015 she took a job with AXIS ministries traveling and speaking with students all around the United States and Canada. After two years of student ministry, she decided it was time to call Colorado “home,” and took a job at a local coffee shop. After a year as a coffee slinging barista, she concluded that she needed ministry back in her life, and Save the Storks was the perfect fit. Louise loves to hear all the ways our partners are being shaped by Storks.

Outside of work, most of her days are spent running, volunteering with foster children, or studying her way toward a degree in social work.

When asked what advice she would give someone considering full-time pro-life work, Louise said, “In some sense, I think everyone is called to the pro-life ministry. Whether it be adoption, foster care, parenthood, etc. God gave man authority over His creation. That means we are to love the orphan and the widow, whatever that may look like. Simply put, God loves life, and being made in His image, we should as well.”

Louise and her mom Susan