Melissa Peterson

Finance Assistant

Melissa has a broad spectrum of responsibilities at Save the Storks. On the administrative side, she assists with the bookkeeping and finances for the organization, fills orders and handles shipping for the Storks Store (check it out!). She also keeps invoices, records, vendors and documents in order. Melissa applies her organizational and management skills to the atmosphere as a whole, maintaining a workspace that fosters creativity and brings order to what would otherwise be chaos here at Save the Storks.

Melissa grew up in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Before joining the Save the Storks team, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries & Missions from Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Melissa has seen her fair share of the world. When she’s not busy saving storks, Melissa basks in the great outdoors, exercising and enjoying hikes through the Colorado mountains. She loves music, baking, and doing service projects.

Save the Storks founder and CEO, Joe Baker, admires Melissa’s leap of faith in coming to Save the Storks, and the deep dedication she has shown to the organization. “Melissa drove across America from Pennsylvania to work for us. It was a huge adjustment for her to get out of her town and move to Colorado Springs. A big act of faith. She does a ton of stuff here. She’s in charge of all data entry for finances, all of the shipping – a big list of things. When you give her a job, it’s done so quickly.”

The challenge and variety of her job energizes Melissa. “It’s a blessing to serve with such an innovative team where things are always changing and growing,” she says. “No day is the same.”

Melissa says she would encourage others to work full-time in the pro-life movement if that’s what God is leading you to. “It’s a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves – a chance to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to impact future generations.”

Melissa and her mom Jennifer