Morgan Melendez

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Morgan was born second of three girls in Lindale, TX and raised there until the age of ten when her family moved to Monument, CO. Although she is originally from Texas, she likes to joke she got to Colorado as fast as she could. Throughout her life she has lived in several cities for short amounts of time and has been blessed enough to travel all over the world, but has always come back to her home state of Colorado.

Being born to a father who is a musician and a mother with an affinity for business, she grew up with an ability to combine creativity and organization. This led to many nights spent on a tour bus managing music talent and their tours both foreign and domestic. Morgan has worked with and managed many talented musicians including American Idol Winner, Jordin Sparks.

Morgan’s adventurous life led her to Twin Lakes, Colorado in 2014 where she married the guy who shares her passion for new experiences, travel, adventure and ministry. Morgan and her husband, Josh, bought a house in downtown Colorado Springs where they live with their beloved Pitbull, Sire. Morgan loves Colorado Springs and the hub of outdoor activity that it serves as.

When it is time to get to work, Morgan’s enormous heart and desire to always put others first really shines. Morgan serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Joe Baker. She loves to be an advocate and help people achieve their goals, so when given the opportunity to work towards a cause she is passionate about, she is truly happy.

Her favorite part about working at Save the Storks is their passion for the pro-life movement, and especially the way they change how people see the cause.

Having grown up around the Christian music scene and working with ministries, Morgan tells people that “Working for a cause you believe in is some of the most fulfilling work you can do. And also, that working with a group of people that are like-minded and driven towards the same goals is very inspiring.”