Morgan Testrake

Systems Administrator

With a degree in Modern Music Ministry from Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee, Morgan came to Save the Storks equipped with a special know-how when it comes to using music for good. Thanks to her work improving and streamlining the Artist Program with effective procedures, Morgan has made music an unlikely but wildly successful channel of support to Save the Storks. In fact, Save the Storks founder and CEO, Joe Baker, calls Morgan a “music guru,” adding that Morgan fund raised her own salary to join the Save the Storks team. Joe says that Morgan’s witty office humor is one of the most unique and endearing attributes.

Morgan grew up in southern Virginia, in the proverbial “middle of nowhere.” Bringing her finely-honed music and worship ministry skills to Colorado Springs, Morgan joined the Save the Storks team in 2014. When she’s not saving Storks, Morgan loves sewing and home-improvement projects. But don’t mistake Morgan for a homebody; she and her husband harness Colorado’s beautiful weather for long motorcycle rides through the mountains. And you’ll find Morgan leading worship at her church every chance she gets.

Morgan’s vivacious and affectionate personality has a welcome bonding effect on the Save the Storks staff. Her sense of humor keeps the mood light amid the commotion and deadlines of our daily work. You could say that Morgan ups the ante on the infectious friendliness and fun that are the hallmark of the Save the Storks team.

One of Morgan’s favorite things about Save the Storks is the mission of love. The approach at Save the Storks is to embrace everyone and share the gospel of life with compassion, and this compassion attracted Morgan to our work. “I was called to my job,” she says, “and it wasn’t even because I was the most pro-life person out there. God called me here in order to teach me how to trust His plan, and He made me fall in love with this place and these people and this mission.”

When asked what advice she would give someone considering full-time pro-life work, Morgan had two insights to share. First, know the organization you’re committing to before you jump in. Make sure their mission is, first and foremost, love. Secondly, know that if you’re doing what God has called you to do –whether that is working in the pro-life movement or some other field that needs you – then you will find fulfillment. “I am fulfilled every day by the work I do with Save the Storks, and I would wish the same for anyone else,” she said.

Morgan and her mom Tara