Natasha Smith

Solutions Marketing Liaison

Natasha grew up on a 800 acre farm in northern Michigan, but after seeing the western mountains she was determined to live there one day. Growing up in the country instills a wonder of nature, a love for the Creator, and desire to keep exploring – these qualities still hold true. With a passion for people and the Gospel, Natasha studied Bible Theology and Communication at Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, Michigan.

As an adventurer and lover of exploration, Natasha loves to find places in creation that remind her of her smallness and the magnitude of God. The wilderness puts life into perspective and she loves getting outdoors to hike, camp, rock climb, run, or hammock with a good book.

A Canon camera typically finds itself the chief weight in her backpack. As a professional photographer of 10 years, she finds joy by capturing life in its candid beauty. She loves observing magnificence in the little things and reflecting truth in all her imagery.

Natasha finds her creative outlet at Storks as she serves pregnancy centers as the Solutions Marketing Liaison. As part of the Solutions Department, Natasha helps pregnancy centers develop their chief fundraising tool and coordinates with a team of designers to create the bus wraps and Impressors.

What brightens her day most are those moments when she collects the current stories from PRCs around the nation, which tell of women who have been empowered to chose life.

Her passions include mentoring and discipleship. She invested time overseas as a missionary where she developed a deep appreciation for expressing Biblical truths and a passion for the Old Testament. She is currently working on her MA in Old Testament at Denver Seminary.

Aside from deep theological conversations, Natasha also enjoys coffee, folk music, snail mail, swing dancing and facilitating events that encourage community and lasting memories.