Sarah Stapleton

Social Media Specialist

A Colorado Springs native, Sarah grew up just a few minutes away from the Save the Stork’s headquarters. As early as kindergarten, she began telling people that she planned to become a missionary when she grew up, and followed through with mission trips to Brazil and Hell’s Kitchen in high school. Her passion for evangelism continued after graduation, and she moved to Bangalore, India for a stint with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Although she hates curry, Sarah loved the adventure and culture of serving.

Back in the U.S., Sarah expanded her heart for service and began working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Obviously, her passion for life in all its forms, fits in beautifully with the pro-life movement championed at Save the Storks.

Sarah also loves using singing, photography, graphic design, and painting to express how she sees the world and to draw awareness to social injustice. In her free time this Colorado girl enjoys hiking, singing, playing the piano, and curling up with a cup of tea, her pets and a good book.

In her role as a Partner Care Specialist, Sarah values getting to know Storks’ donors and hearing their stories and passion for the pro-life movement. She strongly believes that every human life has value; regardless of race, age, gender, or disability. God created each one with worth, beauty, dignity and purpose. Sarah holds firmly to the hope that one day the world will value the potential and significance of every unborn child. To her, fighting for life means showing incessant compassion, every day. Because the road is long, but every life makes it worth the effort.

Sarah and her mom Michiele