$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

64% of women who chose to abort said they felt pressured by others to do it.

There’s no “choice” when you’re pressured into having an abortion. We believe information is the most important part of empowering a mother to make a choice she won’t later regret. We partner with pregnancy centers to offer free ultrasounds to women who are pressured into abortion. The best part is that 4 out of 5 women who get on our Stork Buses, after being fully informed, choose life!

We estimate that $35 a month saves one mother and her child from abortion every year.

We emphasize the mother AND the child because we know abortion hurts so much more than just the baby. We’ve done the math and know that the cost of our buses divided by the number of women who choose life on our buses (32 per week) comes out to about $35 a month to save a stork (mom + baby).

We currently have 41 buses (another 10 in production) in communities all over the country serving women by offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests, and many other resources. We take pregnancy resources mobile so we can park outside of abortion clinics or universities where we know women are being pressured to make decisions they don’t like. We’re making the option of life impossible to ignore. Once women see their ultrasound and hear the heartbeat they understand the reality of their decision. One picture changes everything!

Ashley Flores

Born Ashley Danielle McGee on October 13, 1986, McGee Flores is a native of Mobile, AL where she was born and raised in a semi-traditional, Southern, African-American family. With the assistance of her eldest sister, McGee Flores co-founded Code Blue Mentoring, Inc. Code Blue is dedicated to encouraging its participants by helping them excel academically, socially, spiritually, and is highly influenced by Christian principles. In 2009, Young Excellence was created to mentor young males and focuses on the same principles of the founding program. To date, the programs have mentored over fifty students in the Mobile County Public School System.  McGee Flores served as the Associate Editor for the Prichard, AL city newspaper, The Prichard Report in the spring of 2009 before graduating from the University of South Alabama in December with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in English-Writing as a Profession. She received a Master’s degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA in Executive Leadership/Christian Counseling in Human Services in December of 2011. While coping with the blow of her marriage failing in 2015, McGee Flores launched a very successful health and wellness business and continues to thrive as a blogger/vlogger at ImAlwaysAshley.com. She is also the mother of two wonderful children, Felicity Grace and David Alexander.

$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

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