Anna Reynolds

Anna Reynolds is a freelance writer and editor. Through work with several pro-life organizations, Anna has the great privilege of sharing the stories of people who show us the dignity of all human life. After several years in the Lone Star State, she currently lives in Utah with her husband and two daughters.

Articles Written:

Does Poverty Justify Abortion?

Many pro-choice activists claim that it is a form of “compassion” to end a child’s life in an abortion instead of allowing that child to be born into poverty. What is not often brought up in these assertions is the views of mothers who are experiencing poverty. The bottom line is there is nothing “pro-choice”…

The Difference Between Being “Pro-Life” and “Anti-Abortion”

In recent years, pro-choice activists have made a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, attempt to rebrand pro-life advocates as “anti-abortion.” Media outlets favorable to pro-choice views have begun consistently calling pro-life laws “anti-abortion” and increasingly refer to pro-life activists as simply “anti-abortion.” At first glance, this may not seem like a harmful label. The…