Erin Brownback

Erin Brownback is an advocate for the goodness of God’s design for the family as the foundation of society. Her work focuses on the topics of gender, marriage, sex, life and parenting.

As a Consultant for Brownback Strategy and Communications, Erin has created strategic plans and messaging on pro-family, pro-life and other conservative issues for corporate and non-profit clients, members of Congress, Attorneys General, Family Policy Councils, potential Supreme Court cases, universities, and other organizations. Her long-term messaging plan for the Pro-Family Movement is positioned to transform society around family issues over the next generation, and her children’s book “Before Cherry Street” explores the wonder and science of each stage of gestation in a way that influences young minds to value human life at every stage.

Erin directed communications for the sanctity of life legal work of Alliance Defending Freedom, and is working on a PhD in Social Transformation. Her master’s degree is in Rhetoric and Discourse from Carnegie Mellon University, and she has a bachelor’s degree in English and Education from Westminster College.

Articles Written:

A Baby’s Miraculous Journey

Have you ever felt like you should call a pre-natal baby a fetus or an embryo, or maybe even a zygote, because if you called him or her a baby, that might just be too controversial?  It’s as though talking about what happens in the womb is somehow off limits, because it makes pre-natal children…