Journalist Victoria Hernandez

Victoria Hernandez

Victoria Hernandez is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has covered music for several publications including the Los Angeles Times and Genius. She started her career as a sports journalist while she was a student at the University of Miami. She is originally from Denver where she grew up with her mom, dad and two brothers. Save The Storks is important to her because her mom was adopted and her youngest brother was born with a Congenital Heart Defect and needed a series of surgeries to reconstruct his heart. She is thankful for the power of the written word to express what God is teaching her through all of these experiences.

Articles Written:

How an Encounter with a Homeless Woman Resulted in Adoption, Love, Compassion and Action

Police Officer Jesse Whitten and wife Ashley, former Save the Storks team members, share their personal testimony of connecting with a homeless woman and later adopting her baby. Harlow Whitten has a safe place to call home because of her new parents. Jesse and Ashley Whitten adopted their six-month-old daughter after befriending Harlow’s biological mother…