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Madona Says Jesus Supports Abortion

It’s rare to find a new angle on the disingenuous arguments that get recycled by abortion activists. Leave it to edgy pop star Madonna to put a new spin one of the most divisive and counterfactual claims of abortion supporters. In an interview with Andrew Denton while promoting her new album, Madonna said she wanted […]

$300 Shy – Rita’s Fifth Pregnancy Story

*Rita was pregnant with her fifth child at the age of 26. She had already mothered four children, all of whom had different fathers. Although her youngest child was living with the father, Rita pondered how she was going to raise her 3 other children with one on the way. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness […]

What Women Want: Empowering Choices

Below is a copy of a story submission from an amazing couple, Dan and Tet George: Ten beautiful babies.  Ten women empowered to prioritize life.   Our family has cared for ten babies over the last couple of years through an emergency respite care program.  We’ve fed countless bottles, carefully avoided intact umbilical cords during diaper […]

Honoring Fatherhood

At Save the Storks, we often talk about motherhood and all that is required for the amazing role that moms fill, but we also love to celebrate the vital role of fathers. This Father’s Day, we wanted to share with you in a few things that we at Save the Storks have learned from our […]

23 weeks and 3 days

Born at 23 weeks and three days, Saybie is now the world’s smallest surviving baby. This little girl, nicknamed Saybie by her doctors, weighed in at 8.6 ounces. This is great news and truly a remarkable testament to medical advancement, prayers, and this little girl’s fighter’s heart. I am a sucker for a heartwarming story […]

There Is Redemption From Abortion Guilt

Redemption – the Bible defines this as being saved from sin. This word appears in many forms in the NIV translation of the Bible 128 times. But, it has almost become a cliché. Even for believers, there is a sense of emptiness in the teachings of what we are truly redeemed from. We cannot truly […]

A Case For Life

We are honored to be partnered together with Summit Ministry to offer a more holistic and creative expression of pro-life issues. We invite you to join us on the campus of Union University on July 1st or July 17th from 9:15 am to 11:15 am to meet a Storks’ representative and listen to Scott Klusendorf, […]

Why Do Women Have Abortions? They Think They Have No Other Choice

While the abortion rate in the U.S. is at an historic low, there are still more than 600,000 abortions reported in our nation every year, and close to one in four women will undergo an abortion in their lifetime. The mothers and fathers who have chosen abortion are not strangers: They are in our cities, […]

The Pro-Life Feminism Movement

In 2016, the March for Life’s theme was “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman go Hand in Hand.” Many feminist groups were outraged by this message. One year later the first Women’s March was organized. Pro-life feminist groups such as the New Wave Feminists were originally granted partnership status, but after the Women’s March received pushback for this […]

Woman Gives Birth to Healthy Triplets After Doctors Advise Her to Abort

Last year, Christy Beck of Richmond, Virginia, became a mother after years of struggling with infertility. For Christy, finding out she was having triplets Rockwell, Cali, and Elli was a dream come true. She told Inside Edition, “I’ve always dreamed of a having children and being a mom my whole life. And it’s just something I’ve […]