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Does Poverty Justify Abortion?

Many pro-choice activists claim that it is a form of “compassion” to end a child’s life in an abortion instead of allowing that child to be born into poverty. What is not often brought up in these assertions is the views of mothers who are experiencing poverty. The bottom line is there is nothing “pro-choice” […]

Billboard in Michigan Attempts to Demean Motherhood

Recently the Sanilac County Health Department put up a billboard in Michigan with the message “You Can Choose … this or this…” For the first choice the  billboard showed a young pregnant woman on the left, covering her face with her hands and apparently crying, and then on the right, a young woman (not pregnant), […]

Real Choice in a Choiceless Culture

“My body, my choice.” this slogan is the anthem of the pro-choice movement. Planned Parenthood has made the abortion issue one revolving around women’s rights which is far easier to accept than the reality of death, pain, and heartache that surrounds the decision to abort one’s child. Americans have a deep defensiveness when it comes […]

Prejudice Against Down Syndrome

I read an article by a mother in Ohio who has a daughter with Down Syndrome. In it, she advocates for the right to abort a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome. There are several things she says that I appreciate and agree with, and one that I don’t.   First – She declined amniocentesis because […]

Unplanned: Telling the Truth About Abortion

Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood turned pro-life activist, recently wrote an open letter to audiences regarding the film “Unplanned,” a movie following Johnson’s pro-life conversion, which premiered in theaters last month. Why did she feel the need to address audience’s in advance? Because this film – made by the same conservative Christians […]

Star Power: Mobilizing Celebrities for Life

Star Power: Mobilizing Celebrities for Life Abortion supporters do a great job of rallying star power to their cause. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Kristen Bell and Brie Larson are enlisted as vocal supporters of Planned Parenthood and laws that make abortion easily attainable.  Hollywood fundraisers capitalize on glitz and glamor to raise money […]

Unplanned, Planned Parenthood, and Women’s Rights

In March we celebrate International Women’s Day. Their theme for this year stated, “A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.” We celebrate the value of all life. But we are also aware of a major […]

The Difference Between Being “Pro-Life” and “Anti-Abortion”

In recent years, pro-choice activists have made a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, attempt to rebrand pro-life advocates as “anti-abortion.” Media outlets favorable to pro-choice views have begun consistently calling pro-life laws “anti-abortion” and increasingly refer to pro-life activists as simply “anti-abortion.” At first glance, this may not seem like a harmful label. The […]

Hard Days: Pregnancy Resource Centers’ Work at the Ground Level

I typically focus on the good days at HOPE. I share the stories of redemption and reconciliation as we celebrate the lives of our patients and their babies. I am not apologizing for this, but I do think at times it is easy for us, the pregnancy center movement, to neglect sharing the hard days […]

Choosing Bravery

Hannah radiates joy. It’s hard to imagine this beautiful young woman shooting heroin and high on other drugs just a year ago. Her life was so radically changed because of her pregnancy and through the love of Christ she received onboard The Pregnancy Center’s Stork Bus. I love stories. They’re powerful and no one can […]

Mom Who Chose Life as a Teen Now Works in the Pro-Life Movement

Caitlyn Dixson graduated from college a year early with a double major. For the past six months, she has served as the executive director of Iowa Right to Life where she has utilized her political experience to lobby at the capitol for pro-life laws. These would be impressive feats for anyone, but for Dixson, she […]