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Touching Pro-Life Short Film Shows the Inherent Value of All Life

“City of Saints,” a mini-documentary film series featuring seven true stories, just released its fourth episode, entitled “The Unexpected Gift.” The episode follows a young mom as she shares her journey through teen pregnancy. Just after telling her parents, the expecting teen went to her first ultrasound appointment, to learn that her son likely wouldn’t live […]

How My Unplanned Pregnancy Changed Me Forever

Live Action News — I have been attending every March for Life since 2010, when I first came as a freshman with Fordham University’s Respect for Life. This year, my daughter turned five months old in time for the special occasion. I had the privilege of speaking at Humans of the March for Life, an event put […]

Three Decades Later, Abortion Still Hurts

The following story comes from the Horizon Pregnancy Clinic in Huntington Beach, CA. A woman named Mary approached our mobile unit, wondering what we did. I explained that we love abortion vulnerable women by giving them resources and support during the moment of decision and beyond. She immediately thanked me for being a blessing to women […]

Part Trucker, Part Baby Rescuer – My Life as A Storks Driver

This piece was written by Logan Williams. Part trucker. Part baby rescuer. That’s how I fancy myself—an unfettered hombre on the open road, hauling a whole heap of culture of life from one town to the next, en route to a destiny of hope. Over the last seven months I have driven well over 10,000 […]

Voice After Voice Told Me to ‘Get Rid of It’

This true story was submitted to us by Jen. “There’s been so much in my newsfeed lately regarding the debate between pro-life and pro-choice and the rights and ethics behind each stance. I know I share many of those posts, but rarely do I speak about why. I used to be like many of my […]

Teen Pregnancy – A Blessing, Not A Curse

This true story was submitted to us by Danzel.  “I was 15 years old. I was going to the doctor to schedule a much needed back surgery. Because of my age, they automatically did a pregnancy test, which to my surprise, came back positive. My mom was in the room with me. I remember she […]

How Our Foster Care Journey Changed Our Family Forever

After almost a year of classes, home studies and lots of paper work we were finally certified to be a foster family. It was February 12th, a Friday afternoon at 3:30 PM when I got the call. I immediately said yes, called Brian, and then all of our friends and family to share the exciting […]

What is the Unborn? Answering Common Challenges to the Pro-Life Position

Gregory Koukl wrote, “If the unborn is not a human person, no justification for abortion is necessary. If the unborn is a human person, then no justification for abortion is adequate.” We often hear that abortion is a complex and complicated issue. But although sometimes the circumstances surrounding abortion can be complex, abortion itself is […]

When Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Your Dreams

The following story comes from the Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Grapevine, Texas. Nervously, Stacy climbed the three steps that would take her from fear and confusion to hope and joy. She entered the Real Choices mobile unit and was greeted by the caring and compassionate staff. Stacy shared of her fears of being […]

A Teen Mom Speaks: Your Life Isn’t Over

This piece originally appeared on Secular Pro-Life’s blog and was written Erica Shupe. You wake up in the morning just like any other morning, but this morning turns different quickly. This morning you are stuck with an overwhelming feeling that you are about to vomit and you don’t know why. The smell of the eggs you’re cooking for […]