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Eight Kids, No Job, and the Bus that Changed Everything

The following story comes from Women’s Choice Center in Bettendorf, IA. I found out I was pregnant about two months ago. With eight children, no job, and a boyfriend serving time in prison, this news didn’t come easy. I was excited to meet my child but had no idea how I would raise nine children on […]

A Positive Pregnancy Test and How I Tried to “Wish” it All Away

The following story comes from Human Coalition – Pittsburgh. I walked into my bathroom to see the two pink lines appearing on the pregnancy test. “No! I can’t be pregnant!” I thought to myself. I had just settled into a full-time job, my boyfriend didn’t want kids, and I didn’t have any health insurance. I […]

Reversing the Abortion Pill: Giving Women and Their Children a Second Chance

Reprinted from with permission and was written by Eric Metaxas. Copyright 2017 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.  A young woman ten weeks pregnant walks into her local Planned Parenthood office, grieving the death of her father. She thinks she just can’t cope with a pregnancy right now. Planned Parenthood gives her the abortion […]

The Infinite Value of Life — From a Chinese Jail to Carnegie Hall

Reprinted from with permission and was written by Eric Metaxas. Copyright 2017 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.  When we save just one life from abortion, we’re saving the future. I’ll explain with a beautiful story. A thirteen-year-old girl named Anni is seated at the piano on the stage at Carnegie Hall. She is […]

Loving Someone with Down Syndrome—An “Interdimensional Gateway”

This piece was reprinted with permission from New Wave Feminists’ blog and was written by Jake Romano.   Ben’s the baby of the family, but don’t try calling him that. Even with a limited vocabulary he still knows how to clap back. “Big Dude” he’ll insist, referring to himself. Then the follow-up under his breath: […]

Tamara’s Story

The following story comes from Gulf Coast Storks in Southwest Florida. With my husband and I both working and managing our three children, the thought of another child at the moment was just too overwhelming to consider. So when I missed my menstrual cycle, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I took a […]

Newsflash, Pregnancy is Never a Sin

This piece is reprinted with permission from Chad Ashby’s blog “After + Math.” There is a glaring hole in our fight against abortion. It is found in our churches among the quiet pre-service whispers as she walks by. It is heard at Sunday dinner as her name bounces back and forth across the table among interjections […]

Beth’s Story

The following story comes from the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon in Savannah, GA. I woke abruptly this morning and remembered the pregnancy test I took the night before. No, no, that couldn’t have been real! I blinked, hoping it had been a dream. The stress of the night before flooded back. I rolled over […]

Men Have Abortions, Too

“I took care of it.” Those five words brought the biggest sigh of relief in my twenty-one years. I wasn’t ready for a kid, she wasn’t ready for a kid. It’s kind of like the saying goes, “You only know what you know”—and up to that point, all I knew is that kids draw on […]

Woman Was Forced Into Getting an Abortion as a Teen

More and more women have been sharing their abortion stories via social media, many of them recording their stories for their YouTube audiences. We came across this heartbreaking video in which a woman named Xiehriex shares her abortion story from when she was fifteen. Like many women, Xiehriex was not empowered by her ability to access […]

Dear 16-Year-Old Me in the Abortion Clinic

By Save the Storks ambassador Tam Hodge Dear 16-year-old me, It’s 28 years, almost to the day, from where you are sitting right now. I see you there. I see you in your white paper gown that you’ve struggled with all afternoon, trying to prevent it from opening and exposing your bare self. I see you […]

3 Practical Ways You Can Help Adoptive Parents

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” -C.S. Lewis At Save the Storks, we believe that adoption is an amazing opportunity for families to live out the gospel, and for parents and children to be jointly blessed. Maybe you’ve thought vaguely about the possibility of adopting in […]