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It’s not possible to be “on the fence” about the abortion issue

I was at my doctor’s office when the subject of my work as a freelance writer came up — which led to my mentioning Save the Storks. My doctor was enthusiastic, excited to hear that I contributed to a pro-life nonprofit. I was excited too, to learn that my doctor was pro-life. Until she said something […]

There Is Redemption From Abortion Guilt

Redemption – the Bible defines this as being saved from sin. This word appears in many forms in the NIV translation of the Bible 128 times. But, it has almost become a cliché. Even for believers, there is a sense of emptiness in the teachings of what we are truly redeemed from. We cannot truly […]

A Case For Life

We are honored to be partnered together with Summit Ministry to offer a more holistic and creative expression of pro-life issues. We invite you to join us on the campus of Union University on July 1st or July 17th from 9:15 am to 11:15 am to meet a Storks’ representative and listen to Scott Klusendorf, […]

Why Do Women Have Abortions? They Think They Have No Other Choice

While the abortion rate in the U.S. is at an historic low, there are still more than 600,000 abortions reported in our nation every year, and close to one in four women will undergo an abortion in their lifetime. The mothers and fathers who have chosen abortion are not strangers: They are in our cities, […]

The Pro-Life Feminism Movement

In 2016, the March for Life’s theme was “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman go Hand in Hand.” Many feminist groups were outraged by this message. One year later the first Women’s March was organized. Pro-life feminist groups such as the New Wave Feminists were originally granted partnership status, but after the Women’s March received pushback for this […]

Does Poverty Justify Abortion?

Many pro-choice activists claim that it is a form of “compassion” to end a child’s life in an abortion instead of allowing that child to be born into poverty. What is not often brought up in these assertions is the views of mothers who are experiencing poverty. The bottom line is there is nothing “pro-choice” […]

Billboard in Michigan Attempts to Demean Motherhood

Recently the Sanilac County Health Department put up a billboard in Michigan with the message “You Can Choose … this or this…” For the first choice the  billboard showed a young pregnant woman on the left, covering her face with her hands and apparently crying, and then on the right, a young woman (not pregnant), […]

Real Choice in a Choiceless Culture

“My body, my choice.” this slogan is the anthem of the pro-choice movement. Planned Parenthood has made the abortion issue one revolving around women’s rights which is far easier to accept than the reality of death, pain, and heartache that surrounds the decision to abort one’s child. Americans have a deep defensiveness when it comes […]

Unplanned: Telling the Truth About Abortion

Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood turned pro-life activist, recently wrote an open letter to audiences regarding the film “Unplanned,” a movie following Johnson’s pro-life conversion, which premiered in theaters last month. Why did she feel the need to address audience’s in advance? Because this film – made by the same conservative Christians […]

Unplanned, Planned Parenthood, and Women’s Rights

In March we celebrate International Women’s Day. Their theme for this year stated, “A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.” We celebrate the value of all life. But we are also aware of a major […]